WSJ’s reporting on Tesla reminds me of their reporting on Theranos

Both enjoy the blind faith of investors. In Tesla’s case, there are at least working products, even though I still cannot understand the appeal of their Model S. Other than the exterior design, I find its interior not as high quality as even the Toyota Avalon.  I pinched my fingers on the inside door handle of the Model S, something that has never happened to me in many other vehicles. Talk about design. 

Perhaps the feeling of being on the same page as a charismatic billionaire, plus the desire to reduce carbon emissions, overrule reason. This is like being in love: we tend to overlook a lot of blemishes while lavashing our attention on the giant touch screen.

Musk is not necessarily right about hydrogen fuel cell

With the current technology where we need to compress and liquify hydrogen, it is indeed true that a lot of energy is wasted. However, there is nothing in physics that says we cannot find a way to bind hydrogen to solids or liquid that can be economically extracted when needed. So I think the jury is still out on fuel cell vs. batteries.