Expedition motor homes or RVs

On Bliss Mobil’s website, there is a handy chart for estimating the amount of water consumption:


Bliss Mobil seems to specialize in manufacturing the “box” portion of the RV, as can be seen in the video below.  It is a nice idea as it is independent of the underlying truck platform:




This blog (a travel log) contains description of the vehicle Globi, which contains an interior “garage” that holds an ATV:

150702 1220 DSCN0355 (2)

150815 1656 DSCN0678

Earth Cruiser (based in Australia but with a subsidiary in Oregon) vehicles are much smaller but seem well-designed:

EarthCruiser EXP

EarthCruiser FX

Earth Roamer’s vehicles are based on Ford trucks.  They look like camper-on-pickup-trucks, which is not the style that I like:

So far, the ones based on MAN (VW’s truck division) chassis look best to me.  They allow the driver to sit high and without a big protruding engines to enable better visibility.  They also seem to be designed with much larger departure angles.  Looking at the Ford-based vehicles from Earth Roamer, you can see how the back wheels are much farther from the rear end of the vehicle, which is not angled upward.  I would hardly call 23-degrees of departure “off-road”.  Compare that with, say, Unicat’s TerraCross 59:

In terms of ground clearance, the Unicat above uses 395/85R20 tires and has 1,189 mm (46.8 inches) in diameter.  In contrast, the EarthRoamer (Ford-based) ones use 41-inch tires.

The following spec of Mercedes-Benz Zetros offroad trucks:


Spec of Earth Roamer XV-HD:


This Unicat 4-axle 8×8 is my dream:





The Unicat 8×8 is as tall as a double-decker coach bus, as long when the rear slide-out is extended, and slightly narrower.  I wish it were just as wide or even wider.


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